Dogg digital Downey CA Review


Well I was walking to my car from the west covina mall and this guy named GIO stopped me to sell me these speakers. He was in a blue dodge caravan. He has blond hair talks like a surfer, really built body and about 5’9. He had a portfolio of music industry business cards which he claimed he worked for. Im sure the name he gave me, GIO, is a universal name these crooks use, or he is really stupid. nI believe there is another report about these speakers that involve Gio where the victim actually got his number. Well after convincing me i paid 400 for a pair, man im really stupid for doing this. nI thought my post would be usefull cause this was very recent, happend on 5-20-02. This man does his business, if that’s what you call it, in the southern cali area. The other post i believe was by Amar, it was the same exact situation. This guy is a very very smooth talker. nAnyways, this page should be advertised more. I didn’t find out about this page untill i fell victim. nMy advice, dont buy anything on the street. I dont care if it will save you a million dollars, dont trust anyone. As for shopping in general, there is a reason products are cheap, you get what you pay for. I’m a smart person and i am very hard to manipulate, so watch out for these guys. nPS. stay away from those bargains, pay that extra money at a REAL store. nAnonnWest Covina, California

3419 Via Lido, Suite 249 Newport Beach, California U.S.A.


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