Not making scheduled payments-scammed


My Complaint: I was told and believed them that they operated a credit card processing business of which If I made an investment, I receive 1% of the business handled. At no time did the income reach this level. It started tapering off to zero. Now they won’t return my calls. I’ve got at least the names of 140 victims of which a third I have the addresses & phone numbers. My source for these names will probably give me minimum 2000 or more names. I also know someone who no longer works for this company and I know his whereabouts. Should I go to the FTC. Unfortunately I can’t afford a lawyer. I’ve one person who lost her retirement savings and I’m sure there will be many more cases of this that will come out as I make contacts. Once you get scammed into this business, there are many more scumbags who call and want to help you run your business.I’m looking for recommendations on how to get my money back and also help those who have also been taken. I have names , phone number of people in that business.


My Demand: All or partial money back

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