Dollywood Complaint


At 4:18 Thursday, on june 7th, an elderly worker named Floyd was very rude, disrespectful, and short with ALL of the children from the time we walked up to the busy bee’s ride. He barked orders at our children because he was frustrated that a 3 year old with a learning disability didn’t understand his directions because he refused to buckle them in himself and demanded that HE do it and didn’t even check it before he walked off. Once the ride was over, I got my children off of the ride where he felt that he needed to walk up to me and tell me how terrible my children behaved and that he was about to “Kick them off of the ride.” I watched the whole time and they behaved perfectly. This man was clearly very incompetent and SHOULD NOT be working with children. He took his frustration out on them and it was entirely uncalled for.

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