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Domestic Uniform Company provided terrible service to my company. They did a great job for a number of years. Then the regular driver left and that is when the trouble began. Every few weeks, a new driver would appear and it was obvious that he was not properly trained. We would try to work with the “new” guy. We had to call the company on a number of occasions because the drivers would “forget” to leave some of the clean uniforms. Sometimes it was the driver forgetting and other times it was the company not having the uniforms cleaned from the week before. After a while, I noticed that our laundry bill had risen dramatically from when we initially signed the contract. When I balked at this, they sent their supervisor out to speak with me. (The supervisor had been to our company numerous times due to a driver being out or the need to hire a new driver.) He went back to the company and it took about 6 weeks for him to return with a reply. I would have to sign another 5 year contract with them and then they could drop the price. In the meantime, I needed a couple of my employees shirts replaced. After a few weeks, they provided used shirts that did not match what was originally issued and did not match my other employees. When I told them that I wanted to cancel my contract, they sent the shop manager out to try to intimidate me into staying and signing a new contract. I refused and he wanted to know why I never put anything in writing about my disapproval. I told him that we called every week with a new problem and as the manager he should be aware of what is going on in his company. Weeks later, they refuse to pick up their uniforms, (still piled in my locker room), and threaten a law suit for $10,001.98. STAY AWAY FROM DOMESTIC UNIFORN.

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