DOMINOS PIZZA Slidell Louisiana


Complaint: We have ordered pizza from Dominos on Robert Blvd in Slidell LA almost every week, for the past two years. On April 23, 2009, we ordered two large pizzas for $24.00. I went to pick them up and found that they put no pizza sauce on them. I called them up and told the guy who answered the phone about the problem and he said to bring them back in and they will remake them. Thirty seconds later, our phone rang and it was the Store Manager, “J.D.”” He said we are not going to remake them

Tags: Pizza & Take Out

Address: You will just have to eat them as is; We have given you all kinds of free stuff in the past. (The ONLY free stuff they have ever gave us was for advertisments that they send us in the mail or hang on our front door

Website: just to show him the pizzas. He walked out into the parking lot

Phone: i.e. two litre cokes or bread sticks

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