Dommino’s Pizza maryland 20747


Complaint: On 2/14/02 at approximately 6:39pm.,I called and placed an order which came to $33.57. I called the store back at 7:20 p.m., to check on my order, i was placed on hold and the person answering the phone would not id herself. I waited about five min. then i called back. each time i was placed on hold. I had my son call on his cell phone and i called again using my home phone. when we got through, we were placed on hold. at approx. 8:15pm, i called again and commenced asking for the store manager. We were placed on hold again. I have never heard of a store/ company treating there customers this way. I didn’t recieve the free cini sticks, or the x-cheese i ordered. I COULD HAVE CALLED PIZZA HUT! My order did not arrive until 8:30p.m., and was cold. not hot, not warm but cold. What ever happen to customer service?

Tags: Pizza & Take Out

Address: Forestville, Maryland U.S.A.


Phone: 301 568 8883

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