Don Cuco’s Mexican Restaurant Simi Valley California


Complaint: They never give me an itemized receipt because I use cash. I have NEVER not been overcharged for my meal. Every time I went there I would take a calculator and keep a copy of the menu to review what I was supposed to be charged. I took my Brother in law and Sister, my Son and Wife there for dinner. We were overcharged about $40 on our bill. How embarrassing, to have to hash it out with the waiter in the presence of my in laws. I called to ask what the drink prices were several times, they just hang up. We went there for happy hour. The blackboard said $4.75 for a happy hour margarita. My wife requested Midori (mellon liquor) in hers. That’s a very common order, a Midori Margarita. She had two. They charged over $9.00 ($9.25 as I recall) for each. It wasn’t even real Midori, but some cheap knock off. I had two house margaritas, in which I could not even taste any Tequila. They had them pre mixed in plastic containers. I asked what the house brand of Tequila was. Cuervo Gold? Yeah, right. Then when I asked for an itemized receipt they gave me a hand written receipt from a generic note pad. I asked for the cash register receipt, which they would not produce. Wonder Why? I also had a cup of Tortilla soup, the bill was over $45.00, for four margaritas at happy hour and a cup of soup? So why go there? Unfortunately there are no decent Mexican restaurants in Sim Valley. But after this latest debacle, NEVER AGAIN!

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Address: 3991 E. Cochran St Simi Valley, California United States of America



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