Donalee Dittenhoefer san diego Review


When you book a flight on Expedia, just when your about to hit the purchase button they have a pop of that offers you flight insurance, “Cancelyour flight for no reason”” it said and the cost was only $42. Later

when I had to cancel my trip I got the total run around and Expedia and they had every excuse in the book not to allow me to cancel. They will not

I reapeat not honor that insurance and at the end if all the running you around to all the different entities doesn’t work then they give you the number the insurer where you can file a claim. That person sounds like they are reading a script and the first words out of their month is “”why are you canceling”” an when you say “”bla”” they fill in the blank spot and read you the disclaimer that then says you can’t cancel for that reason you just gave. BEWARE

it is a fraud.”

Expedia internet, Select State/Province USA

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