Donna Ramirez Flatonia, Texas Texas


I didn’t want to do this but I have a strong belief that, it can save other women out there who fall victim to this woman with bad motives. Me and my husband had been married for 12 yrs. now, we have 3 children and during that time frame, it wasn’t a good picture. Long story short, he was coaching a varsity Youth football league, because of my busy schedule at work, I couldn’t come to one of his events, he takes our kids sometimes and around 2009, the beginning of the Football games, every chance I get to want to actually be on one of his games, he have an attitude about it or come up with excuse that I DONT HAVE TO COME. I did blame my husband for most part of his wandering eyes but, not until I found Text messages and Facebook message exchanges from both of them. The thing that irritated me was that Donna Ramirez, from Flatonia, TX a mother of 4 kids! And Lo and Behold a WIFE herself, showed up in the picture. She had her child joined the Football team. I get it. I did the homework. I didn’t suspect anything until she posted a comment on my husband’s page, as if she misses him with an LOL in the end. I’m not that stupid. || As I was going through Text messages and Facebook messages from both of them, she has the biggest nerve to call me unnecessary names and that she barely knows me! I confronted my husband about it, he said they were JUST PLAYING. I let it go for a whole year until 2010 came, another Football season. Surprise! There they go again, and this time, it was serious. She told my husband how unhappy she was with her own husband, she told my husband the words that I dread,”I love you.” I know this because I got hold of his phone, he always kept it locked. Somehow I was able to unlock it. HINT: When men act crazy when you just touch or around their cellphones… DEAD GIVEAWAY! || The messages went very serious, she EXPOSED herself to my husband through photos….one NAKED PHOTO of her in the shower, she wanted to make a home with my husband, and they secretly looked for double-wide mobile homes together? They had planned it all. I wasn’t about to let it happen. Even if I had so much anger build-up towards my husband, I didn’t like the fact that SHE KEPT PURSUING HIM, EVERY CHANCE SHE GETS! Little did they know, I got hold of her husband’s cellphone number through my husband’s contact list. They were best buds! Imagine that! I called her husband, I forwarded her naked photo to him, and I told him EVERYTHING what’s going on. Being the MATURE and respectable woman that I am, I made suggestions to him, I told him specifically to CHANGE PHONE NUMBERS, BLOCK ME AND MY HUSBAND FROM YOUR WIFE’s FACEBOOK, GIVE HER AN ULTIMATUM. He did exactly what I said, months passed I just had a gut feeling she will try to contact or call my husband again, she even sent me a message thru Facebook. I wasn’t surprised. She had done nothing but call me all sorts of names, so pathetic. || My message to her was, instead of messing with other woman’s husband, she should’ve prayed about her problems with her own! Messing with other people family is going to cost you so much trouble and PRIDE isn’t going to help you at all. My husband still have the same number since that happened, I know that she knows his number. If she can cheat so easily like this, she is more likely to do it to someone else. Exposing her is a warning to some women out there. || I thank God, I had patience.

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