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Complaint: These people are frauds. Be sure to check with the restaurant before placing any orders through Doorstep Delivery. I have only used them for deliveries that’d I’d prefer to pay for with cash, and now I’m thankful that’s the case. I wouldn’t reccoment anyone to give this company their credit or debit information. My order today through Buffalo Wild Wings was quoted at $32.38 and $41.05 after delivery/processing fee. On their app, the prices listed were over double what the restaurant charged. I checked the BDUBS website to clarify my curiosity before calling. Yes, there was a discrepancy. So I called and spoke with the representative at BDUBS and she informed me the driver only paid $14.58 for my food. I asked her, Are you sure?! Because that is much, much less than what I’m paying. When I first placed my order through the app, I noted that I’d like a copy of my receipt with my food. A minute later, received a call from Doorstep telling me they would not provide me with a receipt. After I had spoken to the restaurant and gotten the exact total, I called Doorstep back and spoke with the same man. He got very agitated when I told him the proper total. Saying very sternly and aggressively, NO, YOUR TOTAL IS $41.05 THAT’S WHAT YOU PAY. No reason to be so rude, little man! I explained I would provide the added leeway for delivery/processing fees and a generous tip and he still told me absolutely not. Ended the call. After that, I assumed they would tell the delivery driver to cancel his drive. But, minutes later the doorbell rang. I explained I wasn’t expecting him and that I’d prefer not to pay for this food after speaking to the restaurant and hearing they were essentially pocketing my $20+. He was much kinder than the dispatch man (I wish I could call him by another name) but still insisted I pay their skewed total. Nope. Up until now, I hadn’t considered the theft this company was getting away with. It encouraged me to open up my previous orders and investigate. What a surprise, they’ve gotten me for a hundred dollars in the past few months alone. One order in particular was $125 plus a $15 tip, but actually $40 from the restaurant. BUYER BEWARE

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