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I ordered an $79.00 Valentine’s Day arrangement of long stemmed roses for my wife to be delivered, before she left town. They did not arrive until the day after she left. Furthermore, when the roses did finally arrive, they were in a box, DEAD!!! I immediately emailed customer service requesting a refund and they told me nDear,nThank you for contacting Dot Flowers, and I apologize you did not receive our previous email. Unfortunately, due to the weather delay, we are unable to offer a refund in accordance with our delivery policies. We are offering replacements at our own expense. If you would like for us to schedule another delivery for your recipient please let us know what date (any Tuesday through Friday) would work best for you. And then… nDear , nI apologize, I was looking at the wrong tracking information during my previous correspondence, and I am sorry for the confusion. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund your money or issue a replacement in this instance in accordance with our delivery policies, which are available for the bottom of every product page and can be accessed here: When an incorrect address is provided for a recipient, we cannot be responsible for the additional time in transit that may damage flowers, which are a perishable item. We have, however, waived the address change fee which is usually charged for address corrections. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me again. And then… nThis is the information taken from the raw data as entered on the order page, which our order processors cannot change. The address was also confirmed against our merchant account records, which are unalterable by anyone at our company. FedEx states that the corrected address was 2565 East Tropicana, to which delivery was finally made. Unfortunately, as our customer service policies explicitly state, there are some situations that are entirely out of our control and for which we cannot guarantee our perishable products, including incorrect recipient addresses. These policies ( ) can be accessed from all our product pages. Please note that FedEx charges an additional fee for address corrections, which we covered at our own expense as a service to you. nAdditionally, the item you selected is one of our Field Fresh products, which are shipped straight from the grower and not delivered by a florist, which is why you received them in a box. Both types are described on the homepage, and also under the Field Fresh vs. Florist Delivered section ( ) of our customer service pages, and the product page for your arrangement ( ) clearly identifies the delivery method in the first box below the product description. nAs my last email mentioned, an extra day in transit can damage and even kill flowers. Flowers are living, perishable items that require care. Our deliveries are specially packaged and processed to arrive fresh at your door within the designated timeframe, but after a certain point flowers can be damaged by a variety of factors, including external heat, cold, or simply being left in the box too long. I assure you that the product as shipped was of the highest quality, and we have never had a complaint about the longevity of these roses when they were received directly by the recipient. nOur customer service quality assurance consultant has reviewed the details of the situation, and taken appropriate action. As I explained in my previous email, I made an error in researching the problem with your order, for which I am sincerely sorry. I had accessed the tracking information via the recipient’s name, and we had another order that met the search criteria. I should have included the delivery zip code in my search, and I have undergone a training refresher course to ensure the mistake is not repeated. I am also sorry that correcting my offer caused you unexpected distress, as I understood you were uninterested in receiving a replacement and the situation did not meet our requirements for issuing one. nIn reviewing our service to you, it is the determination of our QA agent that except for my error, we have provided you with an above average level of service. Our policies are industry standard, and we did our best to ease the situation by covering the address change at our own expense. We will not be issuing a refund for your order. If you have any additional questions, or if I can provide you with further information, please feel free to contact me again. nChadnLas Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.

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