Double Duty Dollar Delight Bozrah Connecticut Review


I have bone cancer. It’s not as serious as it sounds because the doctor tole me that I have nearly 206 bones in my body and only a couple of them have cancer. At least he said he was a doctor. And he was wearing a white coat.So I go to the Double Duty Dollar Store to buy a cane. This guy there he says “why you want a cane”” and I am like “” cancer! duh!”” and he sells me a nice cane for a dollar. But you see

as it turns out

all I had was a two dollar bill so the guy says ‘I don’t have any change unless you want it in pennies but I have something else you might like.’The Cheap Crap from China Store is where I met my wife and where I found a child abandoned in a stroller that we later adopted (sort-of) so I figure maybe he has something good that I really cannot live without. He hands me this bottle of stuff and it’s all brown and a little slimy and he’s like ‘the last guy I sold a bottle of this to this said it cured his bone cancer’. I looks at the label and it says ‘hair tonic’ and I axe him ‘hair tonic?’ and he is like ‘yep’!He keeps the entire two dollars and I leave with a fairly decent re-manufactured cane from China (made of recycled milk cartons!) and a little bottle. I limp home and these cats are following me because the cane still smells like milk. But

whatever. I drink the bottle of hair tonic like the guy says

while my wife massages the leg that has the bone cancer. Then I drink a quart of whiskey to get the hair tonic taste out of my mouth (and my wife off my leg).I wake up a day or two later and

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