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Back in June 2008 we sent $4400 wire transfer to Shahid Pervais/Shahid Mughal for 105 bagpipes to be delivered to our door. As of March 19th we have only received 20 sets which was not the agreement. The Agreement was for 105 bagpipes all to be shipped at the same time. Shahid than gave the money to another company DPIPE who was suppsoed to send us 100 bagpipes. They have yet to do so and have lied, lied, lied repaetedly and not sent the goods and are refusing to return our money. WE WOULD NOT RECOMMEND YOU HAVE ANY BUSINESS WITH THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES WHO ARE EITHER FRAUDLUENT OR AFFILIATED WITH OTHER FRAUDULENT COMPANIES. nFRAUD COMPANIES:nwww.dpipe.comnwww.highlandwears.comnwww.mglind.com nWe are now in the process of attempting to recoup our money and of course this is costing us more thna the original $4400 did. You have to be extremely careful when dealing with pakistan companies as they will lie and cheat you if you turn your back for a moment. We have wasted SO MUCH TIME trying to get these people to send the goods or return the money and they refuse to do either, THIS IS FRAUD!! DAIM IS FRAUD, SHAID IS FRAUD. DO NOT TRUST YOUR MONEY TO THESE COMPANIES OR YOU WILL LOSE IT!! nGreat music productsnHeath Springs, South CarolinaU.S.A.

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