Dr. Elliott Rosenbaum


Many of my clients have tried therapy before but have never worked with a solution-oriented therapist who will give them homework and exercises that create lasting change. I believe it is the work that clients do in between sessions which accounts for many of the breakthroughs therapy can provide. As a board certified clinical psychologist, I am trained to identify the root issues that my clients are dealing with. I work with a broad spectrum of clients and use the latest research and techniques to help people make powerful and often rapid changes in their lives and happiness levels.As human beings, we have a complex set of needs. These include: security, having fun, love, connection, feeling valued and significant, growth, creativity, and making a meaningful contribution. I work with my clients to help them identify their needs and, together, we create an action plan that leads to fulfillment.To demonstrate what I mean by “homework” I have developed a self-help online program called “Beat Depression & Anxiety Now!” You can watch me teaching this program for free at www.bdnprogram.com. I do not accept insurance but do provide paperwork required for out-of-network reimbursement. Please feel free to contact me for a free initial phone consult.

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