Dr. Gregory W. Shipp D.C. Hawley Texas


Complaint: Dr. Shipp owes nearly 50.000 in back child support and continues to travel the world and lives a life of luxury. He is a silve rtongue devil that talks a good game but swindles everyone he has ever met. He wheels and deals in cars and houses and practices chiropractics in states and countries where he is not licensed to do so. He is associated with the church of Scientology where he hides behind the freedom of religion to keep from paying his obligations to his daughters ages 8 and 10. If you know where to find this man please contact me so that I can report him to the proper authorities. Please do not loan this man money or give him a job. He has not filed his taxes since 1992 and was last seen in the philippines. But is believed to have returned to the U.S.

Tags: Family Services

Address: 48107 History Col Riv Hyw Corbett, Oregon USA


Phone: 5039759441

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