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Complaint: Please to everyone that wants to improve yourself. DONOT go to Dr Viera because you will be get infection and will look deform. I went to Dr Hector Viera for a mini face. He showed me how I would look on his computer if I get certain procedures done to my face and it looked good. I ended up getting full face lift, forehead lift, neck lift and chin implant. I trusted him that I would look better. That’s not the case. It was a disaster after surgery. I have all kinds of infections and had to keep going back to his office to try to fix the problem. It’s been over a year now and I still have infection. I went back to see him many times about it and he kept telling me that it’s not infection but the fluid coming out from different areas of my face smells aweful and all my friends and family told me that it smells like rotten dead animal. Finally after seeing him a few times about the infection which he kept telling me that it’s not infection even though it’s swelling, all red and fluid dripping out constantly. I asked him for some medications for my infection and he refused. He said that they don’t use antiobotic there because they never have anyone with infection and I find that hard to believe. I kept trying to talk him into doing something to help my infection and he finally perscribe me some antiobotic but it didn’t work so I had to go back for 2 more surgeries which he suggested and yes I did have to pay a few more thounsands of dollars for it. I paid $11,000 to start with. Now my face is deformed. My eyebrows are uneven from brow lift. My mouth is uneven. my cheeks are uneven. Chin implant had to be remove cause of infection which I was suffering pain for a year and can’t eat certain food. Thank goodness it’s out. Now I have uneven droopy puffy frowning pancake face which I didn’t have before, and look 10 years older than before the surgery and just deformed. I am seeking a Dr that can help fix what Dr Viera has done to my face and couple of Drs didn’t want anything to do with my face after they seen the pictures of my face. I requested a copy of my medical from Dr Viera and he got really mad and had an attitude with me and his exact words were ” Go see six

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Address: seven eight Drs I don’t care”” . After $14

Website: on-going infections and looked 10 years older and have been very depress since the first day he touched my face.”

Phone: 000.00 and 3 surgeries later with Dr Hector Viera

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