Dr. Lorna L. Thomas, MD Review


I went in Dr. THomas office office earlier this year (2014) for the removal of a dialated pore at her recommendation. The pore was the size of a pin head (now in retrospect – it was barely noticeable). I went in for the procedure for her to remove the pore. She made an incision and put 1 stitch in the incision. She instructed me that someone else would have to remove it because I lived a distance away and to have it removed on that following monday. She performed all surgeries on Thursdays (when her office was located in Detroit city). I’m not sure if it was properly healed but it left a scar and the size of the scar is 10 time bigger or more than my mole. Too make matter worse, I was not told by her assistants that I would incur a lab fee – they swore that informed me, but of course they didn’t. When I combined the fee for the scar and the lab fee – the total price was greater than $300 (if I recall properly). WHAT AN EXPENSIVE SCAR by someone who is a surgeon – and this woman serves as a consultant for several well known magazines and local news. Based upon my experience – DO NOT GO TO HER –

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