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Complaint: This is what I experienced and what you can expect from Dr. Binder’s SSRIs and Antidepressants:RestlessnessInsomniaAnxietyAkathesiaBrain DamageSuicidal and or Homicidal Ideation / ActionWhy are these poisons legal? They are legal so these misguided and dangerous drug companies and people can have jobs, so psychiatrists can charge hundreds of dollars per hour, so social workers can have jobs and these so called “proferssionals”” can make a living at your expense.All this profit-driven behavior and reckless prescribing of these poisons is so they can addict you to their business model and drugs and keep the money coming in.Wake up and wean yourselves off of this madness

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Address: which is the main reason for the mass-shootings in our country and other problems

Website: sick!!! Chemical imbalance u2013 frequently used as an excuse for drastic medication protocols. The simple fact is that there is no evidence that there is any such thing as `chemical imbalance’. Ask any reputable physician about this and he will agree `chemical imbalance’ is a still unproven theory. It’s never even been properly tested so how could it ever be proven? Get educated – drugawareness.org Michael R. Binder M.D. Adult and Adolescent Psychiatry 767 Park Ave W #210 Highland Park

Phone: like crime along with opioid abuse. Sick

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