Dr. Michael J. Whyte, DDS Review


This provider Michael J Whyte in Williamsburg, Virginia is a smart and coniving individual. He skirts on the legal border of what is ethical as a helath care provider and is a scam artist. He stated that I had a lot of dentistry to be completed. I was with this office for several years. The old doctor at this location was activated into the military. He sold assets to Dr. Whyte but still maintains his company in Newport News. I found this out on my own, no thanks to this Dr. Whyte. Dr. Whyte told me that Dr. Koontz (the prior Dentist) had left the states and moved to europe. What a liar! I found the old doctor with the internet and my insurance. Dr. Whyte told me that I needed 2 crowns and several fillings. I was shocked! What? I go every six months for cleaning and evaluation. So when I returned to my old doctor, I didn’t say a word about what Dr. Whyte recommended, my old doc said there was nothing to be done. When I questioned my old doctor about the specific teeth that supposedly needed a crowns, he explained in detai as to why they were sound teeth. I walked away with a new understanding… Dr. Whyte likes to put crowns next to implants. There is no studies or any supporting research stating that crowns next to implants benefit in any way. When I looked up how experienced Dr. Whyte was, Surprise!!! He only has 1 year of experience!! I’m not someone’s guinea pig! This guy is a compulsive liar and his front desk is hostile and rude. All Amber does is sit at the desk and complain. Bad transition here, bad service and Bad Dentistry! .

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