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Complaint: I had been there before this time but this time there was a problem and under one eye looked awful with a droopy bag that was totally different from the other. So I went back to see what happened and what wented wrong and what can we do to fix the problem. This time I was referred to an assitant , Rob, although I was told 2 weeks before I would see the doctor. When I arrived the doctor was not there. Rob acted as if I was some how making it up although you could clearly see it. He took pictures that were not very good and didnt show what was wrong. Then he says ,See nothing there! He told me that was that, and I should switch doctors since they wouldnt see me again. But I kept asking why I had a droopy eye and what can be done about it and he kept ignoring my questions. Then he says, I am not saying you are crazy but….. ! So they refuse to allow me to see the doctor and wanted me to not come back and refused to repair the problem on my face that was caused there. So now I have a face that looks odd on one side with a droopy eye. Everyone asks what happened to me? Not only did they not help me but they were totally evasive and cold and unresponsive to the problem. To top this off they had told me they were giving me a ‘special” price which they did… TWICE what I would have paid a most other doctors!”

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Address: 71-949 highway 111, Rancho Mirage, Ca 92270 Rancho Mirage, California United States of America

Website: www.dr.ordon.com/


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