DR Power Equipment Meredith New Hampshire Review


I purchase the DR Leaf and Vacuum in May 2011. Since May the rubber coupling between the enginer and impeller has committed suicide twice. How reliable is this unit? How long will it be before it fails again? When you pay $2000.00 plus for a piece of equipment, is it unreasonable to expect a quality product? I will not be recommending DR to anyone! Save your hard earned dollary and purchase a quality product like John Deere, etc. Gentleman: The NEW and IMPROVED rubber coupling failed Yesterday, this is the second time since the middle of May. How quickly can I get this repaired? You will also note that the impellar has been rubbing against the backing plate and creating a loundnoise. With the large gap between the the blade and cutting bar, small twigs will not shredd.

127 Meigs Rd Vergennes, Vermont United States of America



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