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Complaint: I went to Dr. Ryan Greene, plastic surgeon for a consultation. The next day I was called by the office assistant and given prices for the procedures I wanted. I told the assistant the procedures I wanted to have done and I was asked to come back into the office. I went back the following week and the doctor looked at me again and told me that the price would be increasing because there was additional work he needed to do. I was called back again, the day after the visit and told the “new”” price with was 25% more than the original price. I agreed to this. I was asked to come back again. The doctor

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Address: again looked at me and said we could “”begin scheduling the surgery””. I spoke to the office manager about scheduling the surgery and she said she needed a $500 deposit in order to set a date. I gave her the deposit. After I gave her the deposit

Website: as the two previous prices were apparenly not the “”real”” price. I then told her

Phone: the office assshe was unable to set a date because she needed to speak to the surgeon and she needed to find out the “”real”” price of the surgery. Two days later

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