Dr.Usha Nuthi, MD with Fountain of Youth and Northern Nevada Medical Group sparks Nevada


Complaint: Dear Northern Nevada Medical Group, When are you going to listen to people’s complains about Dr. Usha Nuthi? How many complains do you need to be able to do something about this? Nevada Medical Board, when are you going to do your job and hold these people accoutable? Dr. Usha Nuthi is extreemly unprofessional, if you don’t believe me look her up on Google, real people’s reviews who had a horrible experience with her. I did not want to go this route but I had to, I had to voice my concerns to NNMG to do something about this. I was a new patient there last week and saw dr nuthi. U have gone to the ER several times for the same issue and finally decided it was time to see a neurologist and so ER recommend u see dr nuthi cause they are connect with her. I have never in my life ever been treated in such a disgusting manner by someone until I saw dr nuthi. She walked in looking very exhausted almost like she just woke up after waiting almost 40minutes to an hour long to see her. She asked me for my medical history so I began to explain and she never once looked at me just kept looking and picking at her nails then proceeded to cut me off and said “that’s not the question I asked you!”” I started to retract and started to answer her question again and again she said

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Address: “”that’s not what I asked you!”” Never once looking at me. Then I began to talk again feeling beyond stupid and embarrassed at this point and b4 I knew it she cuts me off and said

Website: to feel as if she was better

Phone: I’m a neurologist and this is what I do and started to diagnose me without ever letting me ever finishing a single word. So I got so dam frustrated I turned looked at her and said

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