Dream City Auto Sales Review


I bought a harley davidson motorcycle from dream city auto sales, got a loan and all the fees tax licensing ect. Were included..about two months went by and i started wondering where my tags were they should have been sent from dmv. So i called dream city and he said he would handle it and would call me back the next day..the next day i never heard from them so i called they said they were waiting to go to dmv the next day and he would call me….next day i never heard from them so i called back…now he say hes waitingvto hear from salem or to see whats going on…so i called dmv and within 3 minutes found out that dream city auto sales never paid dmv for the licensing fee just the money to transfer the title to the loan company so they could sale it…i call dream city back and told them i knew what they did and again they ( dan) said he had just been to dmv to pay it and they were mailing them to me…so i called dmv to see if the fees had been paid and they said no they were not….so if your into fraud and scams were you go…..gary cochran beaverton or”…enjoy remi !

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