Dream Home Windows Siding and Doors Review


DO NOT USE Dream Home for any of your home remodeling needs. Dream Home does not pay their sub contractors. Ask them about Mr. Berrios who has not been paid over $17K for Jobs done this year! He worked during this winter cold and worked for free. NEVER GOT PAID! Dream Home bounces checks in large sums…..two digit K figures! Their bank accounts were closed at area banks in March, 2014. They lie to their suppliers of where they get their windows and siding and doors about payment. well, payment never comes. The owner, Firas, bought his wife a brand new Mercedes SUV just recently and did not pay a subcontractor $40K for a government job. Well, she eventually got paid, but had to press them for the money…..why is there a new car in the parking lot for the owners wife? That’s where the $40K went! Someone needs to look into them….WAKE UP IRS!!!!!! They will collect home owner money and not pay for the product and then blame it on the supplier. They will bad mouth everyone but themselves. They will try to look like the kings on the hill, but all of NEW JERSEY is talking about them GOING OUT OF BUSINESS because they have NO CREDIT WITH ANY OF THEIR SUPPLIERS. They have declared bankruptcy 2013 and 2014 opened under a new name and have already ripped people off. This is not the first time that they have done this. Just ask Lorenzo. Just ask Firas. They act like they have millions in the bank. NO THEY DO NOT. They don’t even have $2K in the bank. They will stab you in the back quicker than anything. They are a wolf in sheep clothing. BEWARE! They do not own their own manufacturing companies for siding or windows. BEWARE. They lie to customers about this all of the time. They are not good housekeeping approved and their products are not Energy Star. THEY ARE FRAUDS. BEWARE! More people need to be honest and let PA, NJ and NY know not to trust these people. This company is not worthy and they have not been professionaly trained by the manufacturers of their products. Their installers have not been trained for installations on the home. BEWARE!!!! You will have a NIGHTMARE if you even enterain DREAM HOME. Google Dream Home complaint. You will have a nice long evening reading and reading and reading. If you do not have a RED FLAG moment, then you will be their next victim! .

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