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Complaint: I contacted Robert Hernandez at Driver Auto Repair, located at 6440 Hwy 90A Sugar Land, TX 77498 and informed him that I was having difficulty getting my BMW X3 to start. Robert Hernandez suggested that they tow my car in for a look. Upon a diagnostic review, I was told by Robert Hernandez that the starter need to be replaced. Robert Hernandez have me a quote of over $900 to have the car repaired, which included the part/labor. Robert Hernandez stated this was at least a 3-hr repair. From the very beginning Robert Hernandez was attempting to price gauge me for the repair. When I stated that I did not understand why the price was over $900, Robert Hernandez stated the price of the part was going to be about $500, then labor for another $400. I stated to Robert Hernandez that I was aware of the what the parts cost and they did not sound correct. I instructed Robert Hernandez to hold off on any repairs and I would contact him in a few minutes. After calling around and getting various other quotes ranging between $540 – $600 (including the part + labor), I contacted Robert Hernandez again informing him of other shops and what they were charging. Robert Hernandez all of a sudden had the capability to conveniently match the price of one repair shops quote of $515, and this included the part and labor. I gave my approval for the repair at this point. However, this was a HUGE mistake. This repair shop kept my car for two days. Now, this was supposed to only be a 3-hr repair. After numerous attempts of my husband and I calling to get updates, Robert Hernandez finally contacts me on the evening of January 6th to inform me that now the crankshaft sensor needed to be replaced. There was a delay in the car igniting. However, not one of those times during the updates did he ever mention any other repairs. Robert Hernandez stated that the crankshaft sensor needed to be replaced and this was the reason for the delay when the car tries to start. Robert Hernandez created various excuses of why he needed to go ahead and do the extra repair and that he would give me a really good price and charge me only another $475 labor and parts. I sated to Mr. Hernandez that I would be arriving to pick the car up shortly. I wanted to see what the issue was for myself. On the evening of January 6th 2015, I arrived Driveru2019s Auto Repair to pick the car up and the car came out with more issues than what it went in with. Unfortunately, I had already paid them $681.52. $313.95 for labor, 300.95 for parts, $45.00 shop fee, and $21.62 sales tax. So much for the price match. Three different lights in the dash were now on, including the check engine light. Now, these were never issues with the car from the beginning. Now, all of a sudden my car has multiple issues, when only the starter needed to be replaced. After attempting to start the car, the car hesitated for several seconds before turning over. Mr. Hernandez did not even come to the checkout counter, I had to ask that he come out and speak with me. I informed Robert Hernandez that this was never an issue with my car before. So, how did this mystery part all of a sudden need to be replaced? Robert Hernandez was very combative and argumentative and reiterated that they could look at the car again and fix the issue. This situation started to turn ugly, as Mr. Hernandez was clearly being dishonest and manipulative. Robert Hernandez suggested that we leave the car with him again. After being lied to over and over again, this was against my better judgment. I decided not to leave the car. On January 7th 2015, I took the car to another repair shop for an opinion of what the issue could be, the technician ran a diagnostic that cost me 89.99 + tax = $97.41 and said that the codes were coming from the starter and crank shaft sensor. They would need to take the car back apart and find out what the issue was. I allowed the new repair shop to conduct an analysis and the technician has gone on record stating that the crank shaft sensor did not need to be replaced. During the repair, when they replaced the starter at Driver Auto Repair, they did not plug the crank shaft sensor back in correctly. Which has now caused unnecessary damage to the brand new starter. This was not a surprise to me. I just did not think Robert Hernandez would stoop this low to try to recoup the money he obviously wanted to try to get from the very beginning. After spending another $300 in labor to have the new repair technician inform me there was really no issue, I was very upset and disappointed that Robert Hernandez would conduct business this way. However, this was not the end. After now shelling out in excess of another $400 (diagnostic + labor to research the phantom issue) I contacted Robert Hernandez on January 23, 2015 to inform him of the findings. Robert Hernandez came up with a dozen excuses. I gave him the opportunity to make the situation right and he refused. I suggested that he reimburse me for the labor portion of the repair, totaling $313.95, due to the unnecessary money that I spent to have someone else look at the car. Robert Hernandez refused and ended the conversation stating that I had insulted him. However, as a consumer, I am the one who has been insulted repeatedly. Someone needs to get back with regarding this issues ASAP. It is not fair to treat a customer this way. I have spoken to people that work in the same industry as Robert Hernandez and they did not have anything pleasant to say about him. Obviously, he does this type of thing all the time.

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Phone: 281-242-0102

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