Before a sale this company will respond to questions and look legit,Person I spoke to was named Steven, but After you order an item and pay they do not ship the item and are unreachable. They claim to shipping in 24 hours (not true). The item I purchased was for $18.00 with free shipping. They actually charged $18.75 with no reason for the additional charge. They never shipped the item or provided a tracking number. They do not respond to any inquires either on their web site and/or through email. No phone number to call. They also claim to be in the USA, but they are not, they only registered their web site in the USA they do not do business from the USA. Complaints made on their web site are changed on their site to look like customers are happy. This company is really a scam looking to get your credit card number and your personal information. They are not legit it is a total scam!!!!!!!!!!!. I demand Stop payment. Stay away

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