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Stay away from Dunger Properties, Kathleen Burns, Greg Swartz. They are not real people. They have middle eastern accents, using American names. They engage in ripping people off who are looking for apartments in large metropolitan cities (I.E. San Francisco, Boston, Wash D.C., etc) | I was searching the search engine on Google for Cheap apartments in San Francisco (There arent any unfortunately) and came across Dunger Properties. When I called, the guy I spoke with didnt answer the phone with the business name, he answered it with just hello. He told me his name was Greg Swartz and during the discussion he disclosed that he was Egyptian. (He texted me in Arabic on a few words) I explained I was looking for an apt in SF area for Jan 1 2016. He stated he had one and I needed to pay a $800 Security deposit and first and last month’s rent, then we negotiated 1st motnhs rent and security deposit in the end that would have required me to pay $2900. He had me fill out an application 3 times on their website and asked me for a copy of my I.D. They wrote up a contract for the address at 1201 California St., San Francisco. So, all of this occurs after hours so you can’t verify the building. There was a lot of pressure trying to get me to sign the rental agreement via email and paypal $2900 to Kathleen Burns. | I insisted on talking with Kathleen Burns before I pay anything. Thirty minutes later, Kathleen Burns calls me with a heavy accent. She says that her name is Kathleen Burns and that is her email. I explained that I wanted to meet her at the property, and she got nervous and said that she didnt live in San Francisco. I disconnected the call. She sent me an invoice with Paypal but I cancelled it. I was smart not to send any money, but I almost did in desperation in gettng an apt. She sent me an email asking why I cancelled. | I looked on Google for Attys in the area, and low and behold, there is one at the building address. I spoke with him, and he told me that he contacted building and there was no Kathleen Burns who owns property in the building. They have no vacancies that he is aware of and they are a Co-Op. He gave me the number of the management office and spoke with them yesterday. It was confirmed that this whole thing was a fraud trasnaction. I sent them a copy of my lease agreement and they told me its not theirs and the were other red flags as well. | Listen everyone….The lastest scam in San Francisco Craigslist is when people are advertising properties but they dont give the addresses. They will take pictures of the apartments but it wont be the one your renting. You need to be at the building in person. You know its a problem when you ask the person on the phone for I.D. and they wont give it to you, thats a red flag right there. When they do give the address its after you have sent them money. Make sure you talk with the owners of the apartments that you are trying to rent from. In the end, being at the building and asking for I.D. from the person who you are signing the contract with is the only way to insure you wont get scammed. | The ad the scammer may advertise will be, that they have a unit thats ready immediately but gives a week advance notice. They want you to send them money to secure the apt, in all the while, when you show up a week later, they got your money and you have no apartment. | Please learn from my experience.

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