Duty Free Depot Complaint


A few days ago i decided to order some cigarettes from Duty Free Depot.I went on their website to make the order, but the link to the list of choice and price was not available for some reason.So, I decided to give them a call so they can help me with my choice.Everything went smoothly.I was even promised that I will get 20% discount of the final price which was somewhere around $145 (full price was $190).I gave them my cr.card number to finish the transaction and that was it.So, on the next day I was waiting for an e-mail confirmation for my order.I logged in into my account to see the progress and there was a message waiting for me saying that a transaction is pending to be completed – my current order.Apparently something had gone wrong with the numbers I gave them.Then I took a closer look to the details about my future payment and there was no discount.They just didn’t give me one.That really set me off.Without a second thought i canceled the whole thing off.And on the next day i immediately was contacted by phone from someone from the sales department saying that the transaction didn’t go trough.I told them that I canceled the whole thing, but they went furious that they didn’t get my money so they locked up my account with a message (Dear Mr. You are also welcome to contact our billing department at +[protected] to resolve this issue. To cover the charge by using a void check, please address [protected]@dutyfreedepot.com and attach a copy of your Driver’s license to the message).and now I can not do anything like shopping or even look into my previous orders until i “resolve that issue”.I think as a rightful customer I have the right to do whatever I want with my order, even cancellation.Nice customer appreciation.I think we should send the Feds to lock them up forever and shut down the whole operation.

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