Duy Brian Le – Raleigh, North Carolina Men


My wife and I have been together for 4 years; but out of those 4 years, 2 years I lived in her lies. First two years were great! She really loved me and I could tell. But then, one day, she just changed. I noticed signs, I understood what was going on. So, I tried, tried, and tried to make things work between us until her lies were exposed.  One day in May 2015, she gave me the passwords to her Facebook and her email to do some paperwork for her. When I logged in to her facebook, I found out that she was sexting with a guy named Duy Brian Le. || Triggered by curiosity, I kept on scrolling up until everything was clear. They had been going out for a while, and when they got comfortable, they started sex conversations. She took him home, made him hot chocolate, and complained about me being mad at her for flirting to another guy in front of my mom. She referred to me as her ex. Then, long story short, they had sex. They continued their wrongdoing for months until she told him that she had a boyfriend/husband; he replied”I know, but I want to change that.” And so they kept on having sex and sexting at night, while in the mornings, she still talked to me as if nothing had happened. Months later, they grew apart as she found a new guy, Arshen KZ… || This guy was more manipulative. He took things slow, and made her fall for him, instead of just sleeping with her like the last guy, Duy Le. 06/04/2015, her lies were exposed. She left, but because she is an international student, and needed a sponsor, she crawled back to me. And I forgave her and asked her to end her relationship with Arshen KZ by telling him she had returned to me. 06/27/2015, I found out that they still sent love messages. She saved his contact under a fake name – David Kim. 07/07/2015, she asked him for a plane ticket so they could get away. The end of our story!

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