Dwayne Gardner San Antonio Texas


Complaint: To avoid giving too much personal information about my family,ill just state that this guy tried to con one of my female family members and all of us into believing he was/is a Federal Undercover Agent and a Lawyer. There are other reports about this guy on other sites but he is/was in San Antonio,Texas. I take it very personally when anyone messes with the women in my family. Im very sure its illegal to impersonate a Federal Agent but it seems only Tenessee cared enough to incarcerate this guy before. He lied as if he would start a business while piggybacking off one of the family members businesses and promised one relative marriage, a house, and a brand new life. As expected he did this to other women with the same lies and agenda,but maybe not the same result. He claimed to be from Louisianna and he seemed like he could be honest until he initially denied being in the military out loud (mental slip up?) then came and told me about all his Recon and Special Forces missions after he realized i served in the military. I guess he has to commit a violent crime before all of this ever matters to Law Enforcement agencies. I dont care if im wrong for saying this but if this guy hurts my family members i may be the one going to jail.

Tags: Federal Government

Address: San Antonio,Texas San Antonio, Texas United States of America



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