Dynamic Referral Solutions Flint Michigan


Complaint: I joined this company a while back, they claimed to offer a 30 day money back guarentee. When I first joined I knew this was a scam, they literally show you how to set up email accounts and make you pay $500 for a website. This is totally outrageous and they will NEVER refund your money. The second I asked for a refund this is what they said: “You must finish all 8 modules before you can request a refund”” This is kind of bogus because the videos take more than a month to watch them all

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Address: also they make it impossible by making you contact them to unlock the modules for you (which takes 3 days sometimes more). Also

Website: they only want you to get people to sign up so they get their $500

Phone: in one module you have to get 100 people to sign up before moving on and you think its possible to get 100 people to sign up for a scam and pay $500??? I really just want my money back

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