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EVERYONE BEWARE. This is a scam that sells fake, poor quality cheap Chinese knockoff automotive lighting products that do not last. Runs the business out of a UPS Store. No real business address, phone number, employees or email accounts This should tell you what you need to know. | In my case I bought V8 LED Angel Eyes for my 2009 BMW X in 2015. The first set failed after about 14 months. Sent an email to them requesting warranty and eventually got an response from a “Derrick” who said (all via email) who stated they were just out of the one year “warranty.” He then went on and stated he has improved better cooling units called V12’s the next generation. I paid another $214 for them and they started to fail within 5 months. This time I promptly emailed him in July 2017 and it took some tenacity to get a response. | When I finally did he gave me an address in Walnut, CA to send them back for warranty. I sent them back signature required and got the notice they were signed for. I waited a month and no respones. I have subsequently followed up via email which is about the only way to get ahold of him and my emails have gone unanswered. I was able to track down a phone number off my credit card statement of 626-253-3953 but there is no answer and voice mail is not set up. I suspect I am out my warranty and out my money. | It is highly likely this is not a legitimate business. I suspect this guy (Derrick) or whoever he is a website store advertising top line automotive lighting products from reputable compaies but in fact is selling cheap Chineese knockoffs. Once he has your money its pretty much assured it is the last you will hear from him. | BUYER BEWARE OF E92LIGHTING.COM or any variant he may set up.

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