Eagle River Landscapes Review


We hired Eagle River Landscapes to landscape our back yard. They did the job while we were out of town, when we told them it wasn’t what we invisioned and we weren’t happy at all and it wasn’t like the plans they said tough. After the snow melted, the sprinkler system wasn’t working, and many of the flagstones that he had stood on end ( they looked like tombstones, and we did not want that) had fallen over. We tried to reach him by phone, e-mail and certified letter, to no avail to get him to come out and look at the sprinkler system, and repair the rocks. We ended up taking him to small claims court, and there he lied to the judge and told him he didn’t do the sprinkler system, among many other lies. We lost our case, and $13,000 we had paid him. We have since hired another landscaper to come in and redo everything. Our yard is looking much better. I would never do business with someone that has no guarantees, even though his website said he did. Once he was paid, we never saw or heard from him again. He does not stand behind his very shoddy, and unprofessional work, or try in ay way shape or form to please the customer. Argued with us when we told him we wanted something else, said he wasn’t changing anything. I am using this site as a public service to those that may be thinking of hiring him, do your self a favor and hire someone else with higher ethics.

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