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Eagleton Brown Investment Group- Definition of Incompetence 

I have been working with Eagleton Brown Investment Group for quite some time. They have been horrible so far. The financial advisors are highly incomptent and donít really know their job. I have lost a lot of money while working with them. When I was investing on my own, I was at least getting some positive returns. But with them, my experience has only been horrible. The wealth advisors at this place seem very careless. They donít seem to care about their clients. Considering they are affiliated to Well Fargo, which is a reputed name in the market, they have been a huge disappointment. 

People hire financial advisors because they want to increase their wealth with the help of experts. Thatís why I worked with Eagleton Brown Investment. I had no idea I would encounter a group of incomptent people who donít know much about the industry. I wouldnít go into the details of my financial loss, but I can tell you this, it is terrible. The financial advisors at this place are unreliable. Youíd be better off investing on your own. I donít know whatís wrong with their financial advisors too. Usually when a financial advisor gives bad advice itís because of poor research or miscommunication. And when that happens, the issue gets resolved automatically. But what do you do when it happens repeatedly? How long should you give your advisor the benefit of doubt? Itís my money after all. Iím planning on reporting Eagleton Brown Investment to FINRA because of their incompetence. These people deserve to get licenses revoked. If they keep operating like this, they will bring down many others with them.

Poor Communication 

In my opinion, the wealth advisors at this company donít know how to communicate well. If they knew, they wouldnít make this many mistakes. My advisor has been very irritating recently mainly because they donít communicate properly. These people claim they are ďHelping Clients Succeed FinanciallyĒ. They say they aim to help their clients follow a proactive approach regarding their finances. However, none of that happened in my case. I didnít ďsucceed financiallyĒ while working with them. In fact, I have only lost money with them. Thatís a huge reason why I even chose to write this review on Eagleton Brown Investment Group. I didnít want anyone else to lose their savings because of the incompetence of a few financial advisors. Never, and I mean literally, never trust a wealth advisor who makes big promises. Wealth advisors who say they want to help you succeed donít necessarily mean it. While Iíve been losing money continually, the only person making money is Mr. Eagleton. Instead of hiring these people, I recommend investing on your own. I know it takes more effort than delegating this stuff to a wealth advisor but at least, you wouldnít face the risk of getting duped. 

Eagleton Brown Investment Group LLC – About Them

Eagleton Brown Investment Group is a wealth management company located in Tulsa Oklahoma. Their address is 4200 E Skelly Dr Suite 850, Tulsa, OK, 74135, US. The main person behind this operation is Paul Eagleton, their senior financial advisor. They are affiliated to Wells Fargo Advisors, which is a prominent reason why I trusted them so easily. The way they have caused me financial losses, it wouldnít surprise me if many other customers came out with similar complaints like mine. Wells Fargo should end their affiliation with these people  because of their incompetence. Mr. Eagleton is putting a bad name to Wells Fargo Advisors. Nonetheless, if you, the reader, are looking for a wealth advisor in Tulsa, then please avoid Eagleton Brown Investment Group. They are horrible advisors who have caused me multiple financial losses through their incompetence. I donít want anyone else to lose their money because of these people. 

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