Earth Therapeutics Santa Monica California Review


Earth Therapeutics sells eye masks to Bed Bath & Beyond – BBB (and many other retailers)these masks are dark blue in color with little stars and moons on them. The mask that I bought leaked its color in an outline fashion onto very expensive and exclusive bedding that is white. I took photo’s of damage and went into BBB with my damage sheets! I spoke with the BBB manager (WLA store), who offered to replace sheets on the spot. When I was at the store, I returned the faulty eye mask, asking for the manufacturer’s contact info. One thing I should note is that my sheets are Shabby Chic , BBB does not carry this limited production brand, so this damage claim was headed for BBB risk management. In a nutshell, I spoke with Earth Therapeutics (ET) twice, the rest of our communication was email and through BBB. nI was told by ET that were investigating, and by this they meant, doing a little product testing of their own. An interesting position, considering their defensive position, as told to me by a higher – up in the company that, “we have sold at least 100

000 of these eye-masks with NO problems reported””.nWhy would EA stall and say they were testing

if they had sold 100

000? And what exactly were they testing? BBB later confirmed the fact

they still had the faulty eye mask

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