East Coast Moving & Storage / Van Lines Review


WARNING!!! BAIT AND SWITCH COMPANY!!! DO NOT USE THIS MOVING COMPANY!!! I recently moved across the country and after having researched and priced out the majors (Mayflower, Allied..) and some of the lesser known companies, I chose ECM, because they had the best price and they seemed to be on the up and up (no complaint with the DOT, A+ rating with the BBB, and I only found 1 bad review on Yelp). The sales team will contact you relentlessly until they have your stuff. They emailed me the contract for my review, calculated detailed estimates, reviewed their DOT standing, etc.. They gave me a dollar estimate and actually told me the move would probably only take a week for the truck to get there.. The movers arrived late, and after packing my entire house in truck, went over the cubic feet calculation, was was almost $1,000 MORE than the estimate (including charging me for tape, plastic wrap, etc..) I felt like there was nothing I could do – I had to be out of the house, they just spent 2 hours packing my stuff into the truck, and it was too late to find another company. Then they hurriedly provided me a contract that was DIFFERENT from the estimate contract that had been emailed to me. This contract stated they were not liable for ANY damaged or lost (stolen) items, and that they had 30 BUSINESS days from the 1st AVAILABLE date of delivery. Enter the nightmare.. the sales team knows nothing about where your stuff is, they only obtain your money, so you have to start talking to the central dispatch office. These dbags gave me the run around for WEEKS!! Oh, your stuff is en route. Oh, it’s in storage in your destination state. Lies, lies, lies. I thought they had just taken my money and were going to keep my stuff. Finally, after 3 weeks, they told me (for the 3rd time), that my stuff was being loaded from the warehouse in ILLINOIS, and would be on its way. My stuff sat in a warehouse for 3 weeks. The driver finally arrived nearly A FULL MONTH after pickup, and it’s an absolute miracle that everything was here and only a couple glasses were broken. Every truck had a different company’s name on it – Moving On Up Van Lines was one them, but if you really want to see who’s behind this – Google Platinum Van Lines, who I discovered is running the show. .

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