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East West Bank and the parties mentioned have conspired together to carry out a scheme to take my 5 year old daughter from me and my real estate properties so that I have no income and am left destitute for whistleblowing on their client ACS/Xerox, Inc. and their bank for not providing loan approvals in accordance with government regulations and other item such as lack of internal control and supervisory review. East West Bank has been instrumental in housing persons who are family members of the “East West Bank” household at properties I own to bring about complaint concerning the plumbing and other home repairs. For example, It hired an Attorney by the name of Aja Mann (also related to Candace Cooper, Arbitrator selected in my civil case with the defendants). Aja Mann has been very hostile and has made threats that she tell everyone about the address where I live, even tenants. Candace Cooper was not forthcoming with her relationship with Aja Mann prior to our initial conference for the Civil Case against ACS/Xerox, Inc. (2:13-07407-JFW-AGR) and her interest in accepting future employment with the Defendants. After later disqualifying Ms. Cooper, the Defendants filed a Motion for Contempt stating that my objection of Ms. Cooper was unfounded and baseless and done to prolong the arbitration. Aja Mann related to Marchella Carroll who posed as a potential renter at my home in Altadena and when I told her that I was ready to leave. Marchella indicated that she was interested in the property and she listed Jenny Fong as the landlord who will be verifying her prior tenancy. Jenny Fong is related to one of the persons/senior managers at East West Bank. East West Bank and persons working for them have hired Aja Mann to represent my ex-boyfriend in the child custody dispute. Michael Newman, ex-boyfriend told me that ACS/Xerox, Inc. called him and asked him to retaliate against me in October 2013 and I filed a police report with the Los Angeles Sheriff Office on Imperial Hwy near Normandie Avenue and a another report with the Department of Labor. Soon after that happened Michael Newman and his mother Catherine Newman proceeded to hurl false accusations an assaults at me that I had pushed Catherine Newman and that I was neglecting my daughter, that I was financially unstable and that he should be rewarded sole custody of our daughter. Later Mrs. Aja Mann filed a document with the court stating that I owned 8 properties, was not forthcoming regarding the income I received, did not pay my bills and did not need child care. I was not aware of this document until I visited the Clerks office and they stated my file was transferred to the Stanley Mosk Courthouse, I asked to see the court docket of filings in the case. I was surprised to learn that I did not receive this document. I also had not received a document filed by the Commissioner who stated that I provide four(4) years tax returns based on the information provided by Mrs. Mann (when Section 5.9 only requires two(2) years). I also found that the Commissioner sent my case over to Stanley Mosk Courthouse to have her recommendation heard before a judge with “No appearance” by the parties and that if any party objected, file it within 10 days. The only problem is that I did not receive this document showing the privilege for me to “object”. Although I appeared at the hearing to tell the Supervising Judge that I am the party who requested that my case be heard before a judge, the Commissioner pulled a fast one by showing the order as a “Non appearance” and the staff at Department of Children and Family Services did not provide me with a copy of the document showing that I could file my objection to the order. Further Attorney Yung H. Lee (unsure of the correct spelling) provided false information on the guideline support calculation to the Commissioner/Court and of course Mrs. Mann stated she had no objection to it since she was involved in the conspiracy. At the next hearing Attorney Lee suggested that we have the Commissioner decide the case after I speak to his supervisor. You see I came in and strongly suggested that he remove himself from my case especially after I filed a complaint with the Ombudsman regarding his fraudulent acts, however, he refused. I continued to notify him that we could not go forward with the current hearing since it was based on fraudulent paperwork. After talking with Attorney Mann and her client (Mr. Newman), he suggested we go before the Commissioner (the one that was supposed to hear the case at the prior hearing but Attorney Lee and Mann stated that the courtroom was “dark”) and notify him that we would like to continue the case. At the hearing Attorney Aja Mann stated that she was against continuing the matter and actually wanted it taken off calendar. Attorney Lee then provided the Commissioner with a background of the case (or I should said his version) so that the Commissioner could decide whether or not to continue the matter. Then I immediately requested that I be heard and notified the Commissioner that I filed the Motion for Reconsideration since the documentation submitted to the court was fraudulent and done against my rights as a party in the case (I explained the case was based on Attorney Mann’s affiliation with third parties in efforts to take away my daughter and support). Commissioner decided to continue the matter until the Motion for Reconsideration was heard. I also fear that Defendants ACS/Xerox, Inc. and East West Bank have hired third parties and entrapped several of my tenants/associates (some went to jail after opposing to retaliate against me and perhaps they have done the same with Michael Newman) to retaliate against me by not paying rent, vandalize property I own/owned, and taking property from my and my mother’s home. I have even noticed that upon awakening that there were cuts on my fingers that were not there before I laid down and the barretts holding my hair were removed and even bruises on my body. Although I included all of the above in police reports, nothing has been fully investigated by the Sheriff. I also made a report with Department of Child and Family Services that my daughter appeared to be drugged and non-responsive on October 22, 2014. However, Renate Mathis and her supervisor and nothing was done (Mrs. Mathis only came to my house and took notes then looked around each room). I left several messages with Mrs. Mathis and her supervisor which were not returned. Upon my first visit to their office they stated there were no findings and were instantly closing my case since the school nor physician’s office indicated problems with my daughter. I later visited the school and physician’s office and the staff stated no one contacted them. I filed a restraining order against Attorney Aja Mann and Catherine Newman, however, the court staff rearrange my paperwork so that I was unable to serve the parties and upon notifying Judge Goodson of the errors she indicated that I could not obtain a restraining order for an attorney handling a case and this case as well as the others would be denied. Mind you she did not even allow me to leave my seat, I was in the back of the courtroom with all other persons notifying her that the staff screwed over the documents and suggested I show up to obtain a continuance. No good, Judge Goodson said to basically get out of her courtroom. .

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