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In April I was contacted by a company claiming to help prospective students to find grants to pay for college. During the phone call I became uncomfortable about the services; it sounded more and more like a scam. Although, by then we were halfway through my personal information, such as card number. I stopped the caller and said that I changed my mind and did not give permission for my information to be used. I also requested that my information be deleted. I didn’t hear from them for two months. I thought I had taken care of it by recorded phone call specifically and adamantly stating I did not want my information used. Two months later there was a withdrawal from my account in the amount of $60.45. Looking into it I saw that the company who charged me was not the company offering the grants. After I talked to Easy Help Center over the phone and said that it was fraud they agreed to refund me $59.95. That was only today. They asked me to wait three to five business days for the refund. I am not sure that I will in fact receive a refund. I was sent a confirmation email which I will attach.

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