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Have been a member of ebay for a quite some time close to 10 years never head a problem. Ive bought a lot of stuff and always have had smooth transactions. I had some major parts for my car I decided to sell one large package so I listed on ebay. First couple of listings NO problem got charged 50cent per listing so every 3 months was paying close $1.50 LOL. All good. I listed in auctions fixed price etc all good. As I was listing again I get this offer from ebay saying they have a special If you dont sell your item you dont pay listing fees and all that good stuff. So I click it figure f*ck it. Anyway Item doesnt sell so I list again and item sells. nSo when I next billing cycle ebay sends me a bill for $150 for listing fees. Surprised Im WTF! so under the billing statement I see 2 $50 listing fees and one $50 for selling the item. WTF? I though paypal charged you when you receive money. I dont pay anything and every month I get an email from ebay asking to pay. I write them back to explain to me how the h*ll did I ad up $150 in listing fees for listing an item only two times. No reply and they still keep on sending me bills and saying the are going to report me to collection agency. I couldnt give a flying F*ck who they report me to all I want to know is that If listing an item is 50c per list how the h*ll am I being charged $150 for listing an item twice and never selling anything, the guy who bid never payed.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States of America


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