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I ordered ecco shoes on website which uses ‘ecco’ logo. The shoes are normally worth over $100. I received a postage from China with different, cheap type of shoes. The inf on the box said: commercial sample worth $10. After I contacted the shop saying I did not receive my shoes, they provided the proof of shipping. Then they said that the shipping company addmitted they made a mistake and sent me wrong shoes. After I asked for a new pair of shoes or a refund, they replied that I may keep the shoes I received, and as a compensation I would get 20% off of my next order, and they would send me a gift. I replied this is no deal to me, but they insisted this was not their fault, the delivery company made a mistake. They never wrote anything else. There is no contact details on the website except email I already provided. They send me an order confirmation, and send me few emails before I realised it is all fake. Order Confirmation from theeccoshoesoutlet.comJoanna Thanks for shopping with us today!The following are the details of your order.——————————————————Order Number: 34f066-274Date Ordered: Sunday 03 November, 2013Detailed Invoice——————————————————1 x ECCO Shoes: Corse GTX Stretch Tall Boot = $89.59Size 38 (UK 5-5.5)——————————————————Sub-Total: u00a355.55Zone Rates (Shipping to GB): u00a312.40Total: u00a367.96Delivery Address——————————————————Joanna W(((REDACTED)))

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