Eckerd Rx leavenworth Kansas Review


The other day while driving home from work it occurd to me that i needed several items from the store. Not wanting to fight my way through the crowds at stores such as Wal-mart, I decided to go to Eckerd. nAs I walked in the door i was greeted be the cashier, this was the only thing that happened in this trip that was remotley joyous. The first thing i noticed was the disoray of the shelfs. Everything was thrown about and some ailes were blocked. nNot finding what i was looking for i went to the photo lab and asked the young man behind the counter where i could find pedilyte. He looked at me clueless and mumbled something then walked into the ailes. A moment later he came back with a strange look on his face and says “maam there is no pedialyte we dont even carry regular pedia. This made me think where were they hiring these people? nNext i found a good deal on pop. I went to go get the pop and they were out. I asked about this and they told me i could get a rain check. Which i get every week and the pop is always gone. So i try to substitute pepsi which they will not do and there is no coke products. nIf your looking for decent customer service and a store that has quick and easy access do not go to Eckerds. nDrewnleavenworth


390 Limit St. Leavenworth, Kansas U.S.A.


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