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Complaint: They didnt (couldnt) finish the job after over 16 hours in there shop, damaging my car, and one redo on sides, and being stood up 2 times. Day 1 I go in and they assure me 1.5 hours to sit in the waiting room. They have a scary guy come out and drive my car in a maze of bays to the back shop. 3.5 hours later the car is moved out side and hosed off and I leave thinking life is ok. I get home i see SERIOUS problems. Scratches in the window tint, and LARGE creases. I return immediately he redoes the front two…at this point he says the HUGE crease in the back window will pull out…yeah right. I notice my side windows has a huge gap near the front mirror…on both sides i can literally see out side the tint. Day 3 I start calling, I am very unhappy alls i see is out side my car and a big crease. I am told to come back at 10am to have it corrected and installed properly. I go down on day 4 and there is ZERO people in the shop to open. I guess they were out late partying ( if you seen them youd know what I mean) but they were attached to a dealership so I thought well maybe looks are decieving. Day 4 I start calling a bit mad, I want this corrected I paid them 149.00 bucks for this….which i was told on the phone 139.00 (they tried to get me to pay cash, but i held out for Amex). I am assured now that I have told them about the scuffe on my bumper (that requires paint) which I discover after the tint job ( my car was 3 days old when I brought it to them, the poor tint job, and my growing inconvience, that the owner will call me back. YEAH RIGHT. I called day after day, and talked to Mark’s (owner) brother Arron (nice guy) he assured me Mark would get back to me. I told him I wanted my money back I was leary after the damage to my car, being stood up, and the poor job that the job could be done professionally by them. He assured me that Mark would call back. Days went by with phone tag…FINALLY I get Mark. He smoozed me saying he would PERSONALLY handle it and at my convience to give his pager a call and he would meet me right down there to correct it….its almost easter now so I decide to call him on this and schedule a Saturday appt.He also assures me he doubts his driver would scuff my car, BUT that he would contact a body shop of with in his realm of contacts to have the paint touched up…YEAH RIGHT. I got a handicap placard for the few times I do take my car out, in addition I have a personal drive way. I can guarentee no one but Eclipse Window tinting has touched my NEW car…my baby…my new avea…my first new car….THEY HURT MY BABY. Saturday OMG. He isnt there but I turn keys over to arron (brother of owner, nice guy) to give directly to Mark since I do not want FURTHER damage to my new car…. Mark comes in late as usual and arron does exactly as he promised ( seems to me arron is the brains and the wrong person is owner). My car was dropped off at 1pm SHARP…and It was started at 8pm……still not done at 9:30pm. I was told it would be handled right away when mark came in at 1pm (which he didnt come in then) and that it would be done in a few hours after that. Tommorow was is easter….it would have been nice to use my car…but the windows were left undone. The back window has ZERO tint, the corrected the driver side (cut it to REALLY fit the window), refused to redo the other window (says it has some play in it, but i think he should tint the window in a proper position, which he doesnt). He says come back Monday…monday EWWWWW we got a 35 foot tree in our yard….i need that day to haul it away ..oh well more inconvience…he says meet at 12noon. Monday…days after easter…boy does my car look cr*ppy. Half tinted window, scuffed….and wait i see more….when they measured the tint and cut it to fit some of my plastic around the windows suffered (minor, but a reality). I get there at 12pm SHARP….no mark..i again leave my car…i call Mark a few times during our daily stuff….no return call…..i call the shop at 2:30pm no mark so I swing by and get my car….I am not leaving it all day again….no way. Then comes the fun part…I am done playing Marks reindeer games…so I ask him for my money back…he starts getting fussy…says come back..i am like no way…i gave you ample oppoturnity to break my car and fix it…just give me my money please…lets not go further with this I hate small claims…he starts SCREAMING that his lifetime warranty protects him from small claims…well i think warrantys only apply to properly completed work, as it stands now I have ZERO tint on a HUGE back window…and a window cut to short, and damage to my car….like i want him to touch my car hahaa he says he over slept 3 hours….wish i could have but unlike him i meet my appointments and commitments.. Needless to say he has not tinted my windows, returned my cash, or fixed the damage to my car…I am reporting him to BBB, and will call my insurnace agent today to see what to do about the damage to my car its not huge but its there ? I am very upset over this and will warn you not to do busines with these people. If bbb does nothing I will try small claims…good luck all ? Patricia Virginia Beach, VirginiaU.S.A.

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