Eco-Global Termite Doctor Pty Ltd

E | Eco-Global Termite Doctor Pty Ltd and Eco Global Pest Solutions Australia | 200 Beatty Road Archerfield QLD 4108 | [email& 160;protected] | | Their tag line from their website claims: “Eco-Global Termite Doctor Pty Ltd – Professionally Unchallenged” | That is about to change. | They also seem to lack an ABN. | Office: +61 07 3700 6008 | Coodinator: +61 04 3202 0618 | Dr Ma: +61 04 1320 7568 | ENZO: +61 04 1881 6129 | QBCC Lic 1318504 (Company) | QBCC Lic 1137061 (Nominee) | PMT-O Lic 13906 | Eco Global is part of a real estate scam that I encountered while living in a fairly new build, of an apartment building located in a suburb that is close to the Brisbane CBD in Australia. | Property managers engaged in a pattern of fraud, abuse, and eventually violence when they defrauded me and likely others in their dealings with residents who leased apartments from them. | They in effect failed to make the units clean and did not make repairs such that they had working appliances ready for me when I moved in. | Following that they used people such as Eco Global to essentially break into my unit for no reason in order to remove pests that were placed in the unit to begin with. | I proved this. | Eco Global is part of the fraud that enables and supports this problem and it gets into the problems with the violence and notion that these are “Exterminators”. The use of poison also confirms and supports this problem as well. | Bugs were intentionally placed into my unit and had no natural way to get into there or to remain there and on two differing occasions and as the property managers proved/indicated, Eco Global just walked into my home using a master key for no reason at all. | And then they refused to leave. | I see now looking at their website that this fraud is supported on top of their obvious other frauds in that their web offering is hilarious in total. | Overall then property managers steal from residents and owners, they invent these revenue streams for this group of vendors and service people such that they can all sit around and suck up the gravy from those who pay rents and those who take investor monies to mismanage and not own such properties. | This unit is seven stories of concrete with two basement parking levels, two elevators, and is over 1/2 a city block long. This is horridly abusive and irresponsible. | Look at the vans they drive, do you need that many Mercedes vans? Why spend so much? | Where does all this money come from? | Theft and frauds. | What did they plan to do once in my home assuming I was not there? | The Usual Suspects include: | Dr. Deling Ma | Director – Applied Entomologist | PhD UQ Entomology — He graduated, you can tell by the hat. | Enzo Pilotti | General Manager & Deputy Director — A new Sheriff in town. | Gary Cochrane | Technical Manager & | Principal Entomologist | UQ Master Degree in Entomology — More fraud from the “Q”. | Nathan Wei | Marketing Manager | Master Degree in Business — Master of many tongues. | Chris Li | IT Support Manager | & Business Partner | Master Degree in IT — More and many masters. | Stephen Jenkin | Pest Technician – Brisbane | Snow Li | Chief Administrator | Master Degree in Biology | Queena | Coordinator | Bachelor Degree in Finance | Steven Baek | Melbourne Manager | Pest Technician – Melbourne | Don | Termite Barrier Technician | Mark & Kynan | Termite Barrier Technicians — Living large on your money, what’s in your soup?

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