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i purchased a clock online for a total of $44.00 on august 26, 2016. when i received the clock it didn’t work. i emailed the company, which seems to be in China, (but you wouldn’t know that from the site), on 09/13/16 when i finally received it and made them awaire of the problem. (they guarantee their products) this is the response i received: ‘We will do the needful and let you know the status soon” so i waited

then i had to send them another email on October 10

2016 with no response as of yet other than the same response i received the first time. they say satisfaction guaranteed

but i haven’t seen any and it’s been 2 months. i am on social security and cannot just “”give away”” $44.00. please let me know what else i can do to either get another clock

or a refund. I used my bank debit card to pay for this. thank you for anything you can do. the return address on the box is: zeng zhijian Pingtung NanpingIndustrial Park Road 122 6th floor ZhuHaiShi Guangdong 519000 CHINAi”

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