eCycleBest Aurora Colorado


Complaint: eCycle Best quoted me $219 for my Factory Unlocked iPhone 5S. They sent me a box for shipping. I boxed up my phone and sent it in. They advertise payment will be recieved in 5-10 days. After three weeks I left a message on thier website asking about payment. I never got an email conforation or any responce whatsoever. Later I recieved a check for $36. Only 16% of my quoted payment. There was no letter of explination or anything. My iPhone was in perfect condition. Fully functional, no scratches or cracks. It was less than a year old and looked like new. eCycleBest does not respond to emails. I can find no phone number to call them.

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: 84 Coney Island Dr Sparks, Nevada USA



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