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Complaint: Beware of Eileen Halverson and Halverson Rentals. We leased a condo from her and the lease agreement stated it that it could be sublet if needed on approval of the landord, it also had a break lease fee that was pretty high, 2x the rent. After 3 months, we were unable to continue our lease and found a responsible party to take over our condo payments for 2 months, she informed us that the condo complex would not allow a sublet, (double wording in the contract), yes you can/no you can’t. We informed her that we would find a tenant to take over our lease and proceded to pay the rent, (7 months un occupied) until we found a tenant that she approved off. That tenant started making payments the first of the month after we stopped. Her only expense was in showing the condo to prospects, which is what a landord does. In every state a landord is not entitled to compensation for that. If we had ended our lease at the 1yr time she would have been doing the same thing. This is called Double Dipping and being Unjustly Enriched and there is no legal right for a landlord to impose a Penalty because you have to break your lease. She has had no Liquid Damages and is charging us the “break lease fee”” anyway. Have an attorney go over your contract that she provides very carefully to see if it says what you think it says. Windemere is her contract company of choice as of this writting and she is playing games with them and their contract as well in my opinion.”

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Address: 16226 Crystal Dr E Enumclaw, Washington United States of America


Phone: 360-663-2433

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