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Terrible Platform & Also Customer Service! I paid money to get a customised site given the fact the company advertise themselves with Ebay integration. The Ebay integration does not work … this is by admission of the company. When asked how long the fix would take (after 3 months of awaiting for this) the company failed and would not give a date for what they called a ‘bug’. I’m sorry but waiting for 3 months is not a ‘bug’ but a serious flaw in the system. They were not willing to compensate the monthly fee whilst awaiting the fix … their response to my email was to ask me to refer to their terms & conditions. Most unhelpful and at this stage were still unwilling to give a timescale for a fix to be put in place. My website was unusable for months. Repeated emails with no response or resolution. I would not recommend EKMpowershop for the product or service received. I am now looking into an alternative supplier to migrate my system. The owner of the company did eventually email to agree they could not offer the service required and agreed to assist my migration. To add further insult to injury is the company then sent recommendations of alternative providers (both not offering Ebay to site integration!) The company offered to migrate my shop as I had too much IT knowledge into the flaws & bad platform provided. All you will get is excuses when there is a problem … or alternatively no reply! The company describe problems as a ‘bug’ … If you have knowledge in IT you will realise not a bug but a really cheap platform. The outfit is not correctly advertised and do not even sign up if you require Ebay integration. Upon agreement that the company could not offer the functioning platform required they offered to assist migration. Once again failed attempts of communication to the owner of the company & senior manager with assistant to migrate. Of this I have email proof. In fact have email proof of all the issues encountered with this company for years. When they can’t assist as they do not have the knowledge … there choice is to ignore … not very professional! Not a good platform & you will receive 0% Customer Service. It is cheap & you get what you pay for! I spent money … had a bespoke site designed (although the design was done by myself) – paid for SEO … Still 0% customer service. Avoid this company like the plague.

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