El Dorado Inn Anaheim California Review


Some time ago, we were in a bad spot financially. Bad credit, limited income. Getting an apartment in Southern California is a huge hassle when one works for minimum wage and, consequently, has been reduced to substandard credit. Enter the residence motel, the usual solution for those in similar situations. For those lucky many that have never experienced the adventure of losing everything you have, a residence motel is basically a very extended stay motel. Many people make such establishments their primary residence. A few by choice, but the majority because they have no choice. For this reason, landlord/tenant laws are supposed to apply to anyone that takes up residence at any motel for a term of thirty days or more in the state of California. This is not the case at this establishment. To circumvent the establishment of tenant rights, the El Dorado Inn requires each of its tenants to check out of their home every 28 days, a violation of law (see Lavergne v. Evergreen Royalle, Ltd). Sure, they allow you to leave your belongings in your room, and youre not charged for that. Further, they well gladly sell you what they call a day room at a higher price per night than your weekly rate, while your primary residence sits vacant, with a boot on the doorknob. Their reason for doing so? They claim its an Anaheim town ordinance. Per the above referenced class action suit, no such ordinance exists. Management then uses this premise to treat the motel as their personal fiefdom. Management prefers to take the position of condescending parent. For $250 a week, I do not want to be treated as a child. nnPets are expressly disallowed. Disallowed to the point where they gave a couple of blind women of my acquaintance a rather harsh time over their guide dogs. To clarify, these were not pets designated as service animals so that their owners could get around the no pets rule under the ADA. These were bona fide service animals trained and certified at recognized and accredited organizations dedicated to providing these service animals to people with genuine need. Both were forced out under claims of animal damage of dubious veracity that neither of these women, to my knowledge, was given an opportunity to dispute. This from the resident manager, Debra, who herself owns a small pack of dauschunds that she routinely releases out onto the property, unleashed, to relieve themselves wherever they please. Security is abusive to even law-abiding residents. People are routinely harassed for sitting outside of their room enjoying the evening air. ID checks are arbitrarily demanded of even known residents coming home from work after a certain hour. All well and good, if the guards paperwork were correct. In most instances, it wasnt, and I remember a situation where I had been on the residents list the last time I was checked, and then wasnt on it later. You are seldom “Sir”” or “”Ma’am””. One is addressed


as “”Hey YOU!””. nMaid service enjoys doubling as security patrol. They come into your home


and threaten to write you up for having things for her to clean. I have actually been told that all of the normal duties of motel housekeeper fall to me

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