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##Warning## I rented an RV on the 25 of June 2018. It was my first time using an RV so everything wasn”t unfamiliar. you first look outside the vehicle to see if there”s any damage that wasn”t caused by you. so I walked around and pointed out some scratches, nothing serious. on the 28 of June I returned the RV after I was using all of its facilities. when I returned the RV, the girl at the desk also took a look around the RV and signed that everything was the way the RV was received. they told me they released my deposit (1000$ when you take the RV). after a few days, I receive an e-mail from El Monte RV, saying I damaged the grey waste tank and that it was covered with duct tape. while I was traveling with the RV, I noticed the duct tape when I removed the waste, but never thought it was something irregular since it was my first time in an RV. and of course I would never put one myself. what would be my motivation – if I had an issue with the waste tank I would just call their support as they require, which is much more simpler to me than trying to fix something I know absolutely nothing about. so they took all the 1000$ for damage I did NOT do. I tried reaching out by mail 5 times and no one answered. I called repeatedly, and every time they pass me through to someone else and said the manager will get back to me. they ignore me completely and stole my money. no other way to put it. I highly recommend not to rent there. it completely ruined my honey moon. of course I plan to take legal action, but everyone also deserves to know.

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